Warning! This web app is experimental. The data is old and rough.

What is curvenam.es?

What? This web application does a fuzzy lookup of wireline log mnemonics. Given any string, it returns the best guess(es) from its database. It used to be called fuzzyLAS but then we realized that's a horrible name.

Whence? The database was compiled and curated from the resources the SPWLA used to have on its website.

How? There are two ways to use the app: go to the home page and use the form; or use the web API.

Why? The app is an experiment to see if we could improve on existing curve search, especially providing a machine-readable output, and to help us learn to program.

Built by @kwinkunks and @EvanBianco in December 2012 and fiddled with ever since.

The data were downloaded, concatenated, and curated from the SPWLA's useful cross-company resources.

This web app is running on the amazing Google App Engine.

Thank you to the following people for inspiration, comments, and testing: Martin, Alexander, Chris, Matthew, and Donatella.